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A Persuasive, Practical, and Much-Needed Manifesto for Reclaiming the Weekend

Encroaching work demands—coupled with domestic chores, overbooked schedules, and the incessant pinging of our devices—have taken a toll on what used to be our free time: the weekend. With no space to tune out and recharge, every aspect of our lives is suffering: our health is deteriorating, our social networks (the face-to-face kind) are dissolving, and our productivity is down. The notion of working less and living more, once considered a virtue, has given way to the belief that you must be “on” 24/7.

Award-winning journalist Katrina Onstad pushes back against this all-work-no-fun ethos. Tired of suffering from Sunday-night letdown, she digs into the history, positive psychology, and cultural anthropology of the great missing weekend and how we can revive it.

Onstad follows the trail of people, companies, and countries who are vigilantly protecting their time off for joy, adventure, and most importantly, meaning. Filled with personal and professional inspiration, The Weekend Effect is a thoughtful, well-researched argument to take back those precious 48 hours, and ultimately, to save ourselves.

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Praise for The Weekend Effect

“Masterfully researched and beautifully written, The Weekend Effect urgently makes the case that our hard-won free time is essential to our survival and needs to be reclaimed. Pick up this book and get ready to rekindle your love of the weekend! Your emails can wait until Monday.”
– DAVID SAX, author of The Revenge of Analog

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